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What  is  KenyaHELP......

Kenya Help charity began in October 2010 Sharon and Trevor went to Kenya on holiday. Since then Trevor and Sharon have visited every year to do all they can to help villages and school children.

How it Began

On the journey between Mombasa Airport and their hotel they were shocked to see the level of poverty.  Everyone has seen severe poverty in television documentaries etc. However, to witness such things first hand is something else.  They both felt guilty that they had spent so much money on a holiday with so many people visibly struggling to survive.  They were determined to do something although appreciated that this would be minimal given the relatively short time they had on holiday.

They subsequently set up as an Charity Organisation KenyaHELP that raises money to help families in the Diani Beach area particularly in the areas of Tiwi and the Ukunda villages.

We visit Kenya at present once every 2 years to help families with medicine, dental care, clothing, food and education. The ongoing project is to raise funds to allow as many of the local children to attend schools and have so far successfully arranged for over 15 children to attend school which we hope to expand to include many more.

This has been a life changing experience for everyone not least the local Kenyan people. We have also arranged for medical treatment for a number of children from simple colds & coughs to Bronchial pneumonia and severe kidney infections, without our help the boy with the kidney infection would not have lived.
We cannot express our gratitude for the help that everyone has given. Our family, friends, work colleagues and not least people on holiday in Kenya who became new friends and gave up their precious free time and hard earned cash.

We would also like to thank Lillan, Ali and Hendry at Dream Kenya Safaris for everything you have done and continue to do all. We trust that your valued support will continue.

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