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What is happening with us....

During our visit in 2012 we made contact with a team of Dentists that work out of Holland. This team formed a charity some years back and have paid for the Dentist training for a local individual and set up a surgery.

On this visit they gave us cards, with KenyaHelp’s name on. We identified children and adults who were having pain in their mouths. When a problem was identified we would give them a card to take to the Dentist.

Having this card means that now there will be no charge to be initially seen and any subsequent treatment such as a filling or extraction will be around £3.50, which we will pay for. After their visits to the Dentist, the villagers came back to thank us, saying they had been in pain for months but could not afford to get any treatment themselves and that they were now able to eat properly.

In 2017/18

Saada, who is one of our first children to go to school is in University now and has dons so well that the Kenyan government are paying for her and we just supply her food and keep. She hopes to work at the Port, Airport or Barclays Bank in Kenya. She now helps with all the work when we go to Kenya and said her dream in life is to look after all the children and pay for their schooling

What we have done so far

  • Paid for 4 over 15 year old's to go to their equivalent of University

  • Sent 21 children to School (7 of which are orphans and boarders)

  • Provided various medication and dental treatment

  • Provided School/Tailored uniforms donated by Samuel Ward School (Haverhill)

  • Provided new shoes for both home and school

  • Gave new exercise books and pencil case sets for everyone for the School year

  • Provided mattresses in the baby classes for their afternoon naps

  • Provided all the children with a bag of clothes and toys made from donations

  • Gave food to the Mothers of all our children to feed their families

Thank you to

Maxine and Keith Roberts for being our monthly sponsors

Lyn and Allan, Amy and Paul, Hannah and John and many others for all their help and work and the food they personally bought for the Villages in Kenya

Clifford Hall Vineyard, Balsham Road, Linton, Cambridge for their donation for our Charity Auction

All the volunteers who have helped in Kenya and at home

So from our children and Bright Star School


Our future plans

  • Sponsor more children in the school

  • Give food to all of the Children at Bright Star Junior School and not just our own

  • Continue to provide Medication and Dental Treatment

Events Held So Far

Keith Hedington was going to do a sponsored run for Kenya-Help, but unfortunately due to the weather it was cancelled. He still raise £38.50 got the charity.

Ian Dougal did a 90 mile sponsored bike ride. He raised an amazing £444 in total, which went solely to education.

A somosa and cake event was held at HMRC, and raised £448.12. In 1 hour 45 minutes, 730 samosas were sold

A Charity Casino Night which raised £882.50

A Night at the Charity Races which raised £698.10

A Charity Night at the Mill House, organised by Alex raised £912.52

Future Events

Another Casino Night with Charity Auction in July 2018

Thanks for all your kind support.
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