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May 2017 Visit

We returned to see everyone at Peace Village and Bright Star in 2017

Sign outside the Peace Village School

The School water supply

Our beautiful Kendy, who lives at the school with her grandmother

Mumma Sharon having cuddles with Kendy

Kendy with Matilda's dress she donated, which was one of Mumma Sharon's favourites

Mumma Sharon getting a smile out of Omar, who is very shy

Volunteers Matt and Natasha treated the boys to new headphones for doing so well at school

Natasha having her daily cuddles

The boys doing their homework at the hotel,
as they love learning

Delivering mattresses to the board school
at Bright Star

Matt collecting the eggs to give to Bright Star School

The cooks in the kitchen

Cutting wood for the cooking

Hadidja (our sponsored child) helping to dish out lunch

The school children helping to organise lunch for 110 children at Peach Village School

The children waiting to eat lunch

Giving out lunch, donated by the charity, to the 110 children

All the children eating their lunch indoors, as there were thunderstorms outside

Omar collecting the rubbish from the children at lunch

The warehouse in the village where we buy most of our supplies so that the money goes back into the village

Delivering the rice to 1,200 children at Makwamani government school

Rice for 1,200 children!

Natasha stirring the rice which needs a lot of arm power!

The beef stew we donated to Peace Village School for lunch

Salad all prepared to go with the beef stew and rice

The chairs which need replacing and cost £12 each

Natasha having a boogie with the children!

The children in Lilian's shop 'Dream Safari' organising their new clothes

The boys with their new bikes donated by Danielle, Natasha and Alex

Omar, Rakm, Kibibi, Mumma Sharon, Siad, Juma and Natasha on their day trip to the beach for a barbeque

The end of the day at Peace Village and we are all wet and tired!
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