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November 2017 visit

We went back again to see everyone, with some more volunteers
The children.......

Three new sponsored children in their uniforms

Volunteer Alex in her new outfit which Peace Village School made for her for her birthday

John, Moses and Samiul enjoying ice cream when they first met Mumma Sharon and told they were being sponsored and going to school

The 4 brothers we have sponsored on this visit. It was their first experience of a hotel and enjoying their new laptops that were donated by Omnicom Media Group

Yussuf and Omar too cool for School!!

Volunteer Kerry enjoying lots of cuddles from all the children who live at Peace Village School

On Alex's last visit she told Monday if he did well in school she will buy him a camera and he has been doing brilliantly!

Wonder what they are all  giggling about?

Isn't he a cutie!!

New clothes and shoes..........

All the donated shoes we brought over from England to give to our sponsored children and Peace Village School

All the clothes organised into size order to give out to the Peace Village School

Volunteer Sheila matching up the shoes to give many shoes!!

The children waiting patiently for their new shoes

The children being given their new shoes

Madonna showing everyone her new shoes and clothes

Samiul posing in his new shoes (donated by Aliyah age 10)

All the children with their new shoes

Mary really happy with her new dress

One of the orphans Jennifer really happy with her new shoes and clothes

Madonna proudly showing off her shoes and coat while Mary enjoyed her boiled egg!

This little one turned up late, luckily Natasha had a dress in her was destined to be for her!

Dave, John, Moses and Samiul all posing for a photo in their new clothes with volunteer Charlotte

David, John, Moses and Samiul's new footwear collection donated from everyone in England

Sharon and the Headmaster Michael at Peace Village School having a chat

Whilst the children were on holiday, the Headmaster Michael, organised for the school to be painted and brightened up

Delivery of a new fridge to Peace Village School as they have never owned one before and new plastic cups, bowls and plates

Peace Village School's text books which Alex is hoping to replace next year

Sharon enjoying cuddles after all the hard work

The old mattresses the orphans were sleeping on

David helping with the delivery of new mattresses at Peace Village School

The Village Shop

Buying supplies from the Village shop and giving them out to the families in the village

Sada's mum in her shop which she set up in her house to help bring money into the household

John distributing beans to his village for all the families

Our volunteers Alex and Angela helping to deliver food supplies to one of the Mumma's who look after 8 of our sponsored children


Mumma Grace preparing lunch for all 110 children

The children waiting to be served

Bright Star School children queuing to collect and enjoy their donated lunch

Lunch being served to all the children

Some of the volunteers and Hadidja (one of the sponsored children) helping hand out lunch

The children washing their hands before lunch

The children enjoying their donated lunch after all receiving a piece of clothing and pair of shoes

Bright Star School enjoying their lunch
Having some fun.......

The children enjoying the glass bottom boat trip

The children getting warm after their swim in the sea

One of the orphan children sleeping on Mumma Sharon after enjoying the boat trip and chicken and chips

Riziki holding a starfish for the first time!

Sada's Mum, Meswaleh and Natasha on the boat trip

We took all the sponsored children plus the orphans on a boat trip to the beach and they are enjoying chicken and chips. Some of the children didn't eat theirs but wrapped it in tissue to take home to their families although they could have eaten it

Natasha teaching Samiul to swim. It's the first time he has been in a swimming pool

Alex and the children digging the biggest hole they could manage!

Natasha helping Kandy with her chicken and chips, which she loved!

Family Photo!

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