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Our September 2012 visit

Medical Treatment

We would like to thank Dr Patrobas and all his team at the Bahari Medical Clinic Diani for all their help and advice  they have provided.

On the numerous visits we came across many health problems this is a sample of what we saw and what we did to help:

(a)   Chest Infections

One young boy had a serious chest infection, it was obvious to everyone that he was ill and they immediately took him with his teacher to see the Doctor. After various tests, he was diagnosed with Bronchial Pneumonia, medication was prescribed and he was making excellent progress at the time we left for home.


  Ear Infections

A young boy and his older sister both had ear infections, which they had had for sometime, but their parents could not afford any treatment. The boy responded well to medication. However, further tests are being arranged with an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist for his older sister and it is likely that some permanent damage has been done to her hearing.


We came into contact with many children with “Jiggers.” This is a parasite which penetrates then feeds off its human (or animal) host. Penetration is normally made in the foot area however the parasite can also gain penetration in other areas and is commonly the hand.


The parasite lives in the soil and once it gains access to its host feeds and lays eggs. This is the beginning of a cycle which causes pain and deformity.  On obtaining medical advice we ascertained that the treatment is in fact quite simple. It involves no more than washing the infected area then being bathed in Savlon disinfectant or something similar then covered in petroleum jelly.

Most children walk around barefoot, so we purchased enclosed shoes for all the children that have been treated and supplied socks. These in the main were supplied by individuals on holiday and staying at our hotel. We also left an adequate supply of disinfectant and petroleum jelly.

 Dental Treatment

On our last day we made contact with a team of Dentists that work out of Holland. This team formed a charity some years back and have paid for the Dentist training for a local individual and set up a surgery. They visit Kenya about 4 times a year and undertake the more difficult work. It was pure coincidence that the same day we had been made aware of a child who was in much pain and was in need some urgent dental work.  It was our last task to make arrangements for the child to visit the Surgery. Payment was made before we departed and they have agreed to work with us in the future.

We have opened a treatment account for each child treated and have agreed to pay all reasonable medical fees for these individuals. Doctor Patrobas has agreed to liaise with them on a regular basis.

Sharon's  Basket

Sharon and Trevor gave help to many families with baskets of food etc and this help was given the name locally as “Sharon’s basket.”

Sharon with her enthusiasm for the  project managed to involve many people from the hotel plus a couple from Germany staying at apartments just down the road from them. However, we were overwhelmed by the number of people that become actively involved.

These individuals not only gave up their free time whilst on holiday but also bought food parcels from their hard earned holiday spending money.  We cannot thank these individuals enough but we know that everyone gained so much from the experience.


Many of these individuals have indicated that they would like to help in some way in the future and many have already been in contact in this respect.


If there is one area where we were a little disappointed then it is here. We had always worked on the basis of the information obtained that it would cost £50 per annum for a Child’s schooling. This is in fact correct but only applies to Government run schools and the problem here is that the class sizes are huge with the number of pupils amounting to 70 or more.

Private schools are much more expensive typically with fees between £180 to £200 per annum. However, they do have the advantage that some provide both food and medical cover based on the school fees paid.  At worst the child will get one good meal a day with the added advantage that some schools also include medical cover.

The school year starts in January and ends in September, we have funded a number of children for the final term (September – December) and will now have to consider how many children we can fund in the longer term.

Clothes/ and Shoes

We took as many clothes and small lightweight shoes as we could (thanks to Thomson Holidays for allowing extra baggage allowance) in addition we are thankful to everyone at our hotel who gave clothes, shoes and trainers etc. All items were gratefully received.

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